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This is the beginning of a very long story…

Stories are everywhere, all you have to do is open your heart and listen.

It is always difficult to talk about yourself. I, am a photographer or dreamer? I am just a story teller. Telling your story to best way possible. I am simple a lover, traveller, dreamer  and adventurer. I always love to be on the top of the mountains . Watching the sky while listening my favorite Coldplay songs , I get lost in between the dreams and reality. Love is something I attached with all my heart and attracted with the harmony of romance. 

I first started to interested in photography  at 8 years old while I was checking my grandpa’s old pictures in a box. It was so hard to understand the process behind the photograph for my little world but I also felt like It s a key to travel back in time , so the camera seemed to me like a time-machine to write your story in a way.

After graduating Internet Technologies and Programming I luckily get my first job in Miami as a Portrait photographer in 2008. I was lucky to be able to travel around Caribbean, Mexico, Jamaica, Panama and do what I love to do. While I was concentrating on Portraits,  one day a couple who recently married approached me to ask to shoot their honeymoon pictures and I enjoyed a lot with the romance behind it and so decided to become a full time wedding photographer. So since then my life is all about Love and Weddings. I had to chance to travel to best locations over the world and write tons of stories through my camera.

Last a few years also started to filming some of the weddings when asked. My personal choice for business is Digital but I am addict to Analogue photography as well. So you might see me around chasing after a good shot with a 40 years old camera as well.

If you let me tell your story too, I ll give my best for you.


Kemal Uysal

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